A video game industry vet of 12 years-turned college professor teaching game design at George Mason University. He runs a small AR company “WrenAR” which focuses on AR and VR development. As a game developer, Chris contributed to hit titles like Falcon 4.0 for Microprose, Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for Namco-Bandai and the Sims franchise for Maxis/EA. He has his Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis on learning technology, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Learning Technology Design Research. Chris has been passionate about augmented and virtual reality since the mid-nineties when he was involved with developing 3D web chatrooms using VRML, and he has spent the past 5 years pushing the limits of VR/AR interactivity developing prototypes for Android, Google Glass, Google Cardboard, Oculus RIft, Tobii Eye Tracker and Leap Motion.

Company: WrenAR http://www.wrenar.com
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