Christopher Stapleton is a Creative Venture Catalyst with the Simiosys Real World Laboratory (www.simiosys.com). He serves as a Creative Director, Producer and Pioneer of Experiential Design Innovations for immersive simulation technologies (Mixed and Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Thrill Rides, Video Games) with work that spans across commercial, civic and academic sectors. He also serves as a creative executive and consultant for premiere entertainment, education and marketing institutions. Clients include: Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, the Wanda Group, Forrec Ltd, Canon USA, Nickelodeon Recreation, Sanrio, Paramount Parks, MGM and Museum of Science and Industry, Haberman Educational Foundation. Academic Affiliations: Technical University of Munich, University of Central Florida, City University of New York. Sponsors include: NASA, NSF, US DoEd, US DoD, Florida State Innovation Corridor

His projects include leading the creative direction and development for innovative thrill-ride-films, experiential learning landscapes, virtual immersion therapy, medical imaging, military training, Broadway shows, film & television entertainment franchises, retail and dining venues. He serves as an Innovation Broker for emerging products and services for visualization, marketing, training, learning and rehabilitation.

Simiosys Real World Laboratory serves as an embedded design research initiative that engages end-users to explore creative leaps with experiential make-overs. Their presumptive design research leads to next generation product innovation, standards and practices. Their consulting workshops with Innovation PlayTanks (versus think tanks) stimulate innovative thinking within corporate, academic and civic institutions.

Company: Simiosys Real World Laboratory http://www.simiosys.com
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