Dan Ferguson
Director of Digital Interactive @ Reel FX

Dan is Director of Interactive Digital for Reel FX, the creative and animation studio that recently released The Book of Life. Dan is responsible for creating experiences for the companies VR and mobile clients, which include Legendary Pictures, Chuck E. Cheese’s, Dell Computers and 20th Century Fox. Dan is a marketing and creative executive with 30+ years experience. His work has been featured in multiple Apple commercials and Brandweek Magazine named him “Marketer of the Next Generation.”

An entrepreneur, Dan has successfully sold the three digital agencies he co-founded. Dan is considered by many to be one of the forefathers of Advergaming. He co-created Elf Bowling, the most successful Internet distributed game in the nineties. Since then he has created over 1,000 games, including Chicktionary, which TIME Magazine recognized as one of the Top 10 Educational Apps.

He is an early adopter of new technologies and is a virtual reality subject matter expert. The Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot VR experience, created by Reel FX for Legendary Pictures, was one of the hand-picked Apps to launch with the Samsung Gear VR.

Company: Reel FX http://www.reelfx.com
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