Hernán Diego Martínez, is an Information System´s Engineer who is finishing a Master course and actually works for the Dirección Provincial de Gestión de Proyectos, a Project Management Office in the goverment of the state of Santa Fe, Argentina.
Is Specialist In Project Management, and actually volunteer in PMI Buenos Aires Chapter.
Worked in several companies in Argentina such as Motorola, Companías Cerveceras Unidas, Azertia, Software Santa Fe and FyB Sistemas developing software and as project manager. Now is also working in is own startup.
Born in Santa Fe (Argentina) in 1976, married but with no chilren yet, is entusiastic of sports, music and books.
In the work with Augmented Reality Projects had the idea to use this technologies in the voiting process to have a mayor impact into the journalist for the work of the STG.

Company: Secretaría De Tecnologías para la Gestión http://www.santafe.gov.ar
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