Jeff is a software architect and UX designer with more than twenty years of experience designing and creating user interfaces and applications; the last dozen have been specific to native iOS and Mac OS X app development. This included a stint as a Senior Application Architect at Apple Inc. He’d tell you what he was working on, but, well … you know. He also participated in the first go-round of eBooks at NuvoMedia, helping to design and implement the RocketLibrarian for Mac which accompanied the Rocket eBook device. The best software and user experience, in his opinion, delight the user and make interacting with devices so well-suited to the task that the user doesn’t recall the details of having used them. Jeff also writes long-form fiction, keeps a blog, paints, sketches, and invents new creative outlets when required. His academic background in biological sciences has allowed him to anticipate advances in software engineering and best practices: our industry has yet to invent anything in software that life hasn’t already accomplished in nature. –

Company: Membit Inc. http://www.membit.co
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