CEO, Bluewater Tech

Jeff Day is a business leader with over 20 years of marketing and sales experience in the high-tech sector. He’s held a roles with Cisco Systems, Compuware, 3Com and WordPerfect/Novell, among others. Jeff has also been involved in several start-up ventures focused on cutting-edge approaches to video and communications technologies. Jeff is currently the CEO for Detroit-based Bluewater Technologies. BlueWater is an industry leader in live event and experiential marketing technologies that are driving the next wave of cool consumer interactions with the world’s top brands. He has also helped the company refine its customer and partner strategy helping the company prepare for substantial growth in audio-visual systems integration, live event staging, and experiential marketing businesses. Samples of Jeff speaking can be found on The Buzz:


Company: BlueWater Technologies http://bluewatertech.com/
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