Jon Cabiria – Session Talk Show Host

Jon has over 23 years experience working with emerging technologies, as a technology psychologist, an educator, and an executive coach. His groundbreaking research into the therapeutic benefits of virtual communities was the first of its kind at the time it was conducted. As of 2010, he has been exploring the utility of augmented reality for educational and therapeutic purposes, as well as the liquidity of modern life in a digital age. Other areas of interest and exploration include AI, robotics, cybernetics, and human factor analysis, to name a few
Jon also works with technology entrepreneurs and investors as an executive coach to the new media community, where he applies his expertise to assist those working in the fast-paced, stress-filled world of technology startups and new product development. He is known for his laid back, to-the-point approach, and uncompromising discretion.
He is a published author who continues to speak internationally at prestigious industry venues on the topic of the intersection of human behavior and new technologies. You can reach Jon at jon@teksylos.com or LinkedIn @ joncabiria

Company: MediaX LLC http://mediax.wix.com/mofx
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