Mr. Alaoui is a serial entrepreneur and expert in Artificial Intelligence software development. He is currently founder and CEO at Eyeris, artificially intelligent emotion recognition software that reads people’s facial micro-expressions in real time via regular cameras. Prior to that, he was founder and CEO of Eyeris TV, the first US facial recognition measured in-store TV network franchise, the company targeted short-bite video content and advertisements in real-time based viewers gender and age group. Mr. Alaoui combines a decade experience in AI-based Software Technologies between Audience Measurement and Human Machine Interaction (HMI). He has worked closely with major Embedded Systems and specialized chip manufacturers as well as major media companies. He holds an Integrated Marketing Communications degree from Concordia University. He is a frequent keynoter on Ambient Intelligence and the next gen of Device Context Awareness. He is a winner of several Technology and Innovation Awards and has been featured in many publications for his work.

Company: Eyeris http://eyeristech.com
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