Vice President Mobile Ecosystem, NVIDIA
President, Khronos Group
Neil has spent over thirty years in the 3D graphics industry and is currently driving the advanced apps ecosystem on NVIDIA Tegra mobile and embedded devices. Neil is also the elected President of the Khronos Group industry standards consortium where he initiated the OpenGL ES standard, helped catalyze the WebGL project and chairs the OpenCL working group. Previously, as Vice President of 3Dlabs, Neil was at the forefront of the silicon revolution bringing interactive 3D to the PC, and he established the embedded graphics division of 3Dlabs to bring advanced visual processing to a wide-range of non-PC platforms. Neil was elected President for eight consecutive years of the Web3D Consortium dedicated to creating open standards for communicating real-time 3D on the Internet. Neil graduated from Birmingham University in the UK with a First Class Joint Honors B.Sc. in electronic engineering and computer science and holds several patents in the area of graphics technology.

Company: NVIDIA http://www.nvidia.com
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