Roland Schmid is the founder, owner and CEO of the Austrian data mining companies IMMOunited GmbH and Imabis GmbH which focus on providing real estate data. With IMMOunited Roland Schmid ascertains all real estate transactions taken place in Austria, while Imabis is ascertaining the complete online market of listings on property portals. Both companies offer detailed information on single properties as well as on whole regions of Austria. The services are provided mainly to business clients such as the banking and insurance sector, developers, real estate agents and appraisers, but also the public sector with its ministries and governmental statistics institutions who use the data to report the development of the Austrian real estate market to the European Union.
His technical knowledge and his years of experience in marketing and sales of internet portals and online solutions were his main motivation to found the company IMMOunited GmbH in October 2007.
As his data mining oriented companies evolved he founded in 2011 his own IT Agency Schmid IT with the aim to provide the needed IT services and developments faster and more efficiently to IMMOunited and Imabis. Due to market demand Schmid IT started providing additional consultancy and individual IT services to external companies.
Roland Schmid’s work has revolutionized the Austrian real estate market. Many market reports are based on data from IMMOunited and/or Imabis. Roland Schmid has been awarded to prizes in recognition of his entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking in the fields of IT products as well as the major award as the “shooting star” of the real estate branch in 2012, the CAESAR-AWARD.
Roland Schmid’s ultimate aim is complete transparency and the highest quality of treatment and recovery of the real estate market, even beyond the Austrian borders.

Company: Imabis GmbH http://imabis.com
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