CoFounder, MediaX

Sean has nearly 30 years of media production experience with over 25 of those years spent with The Walt Disney Company. He has worked with subsidiaries such as Disney Signature Films, ESPN, ABC, Disney Institute, and many more. Additionally, Sean has worked with Viacom-owned Nickelodeon and Department of Defense contractor Statistica creating thru-sight videos for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and M1-A1 Abrams tank. After pioneering a desktop video editing business model at Disney in Orlando and overseeing the development of a Studio News program that lasted over a decade, Sean found new challenges in the nascent field of Media Psychology.

Combined with his years in media and as an advocate of new technologies, psychology offered a theoretical grounding that garnered respect and speaking engagements beginning in 2008 with the BEA, where he spoke on cognitive aspects of producing for smart phones and Web videos. He continues to join panels at conventions for the APA, IEEE, National Social Science Association, and others, with a primary focus on the exponential growth of technology and its compatibility with the evolution of society, politics, and the human psyche.

Having conducted research and authored a study on social media interaction with Barack Obama during the 2012 campaign, Sean is currently penning a book tentatively entitled NEO: Anthropogenic Evolution, Technology and the Human Psyche. He is also an adjunct faculty member teaching in Fielding Graduate University’s Media Psychology Masters program.

You can contact Sean via Twitter @SeanThoennes or Linked-In sean-thoennes.

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