A 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley, Carl has extensive research, development, and executive management experience in the fields of interactive media, digital photography, digital imaging, and computer graphics, across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Carl was one of the original members of the team at Silicon Graphics (SGI) which pioneered the visual computing industry. He helped pioneer industry-defining technologies, including the OpenGL 3D graphics standard.

In 2001, foreseeing the explosion of mobile devices and services, Carl moved into the then nascent mobile space. He co-established 3D4W Corporation in Santa Clara, CA. In 2003, 3D4W successfully launched the world’s first 3D mobile gaming service with SK Telecom in South Korea.

In 2002, Carl co-founded the Khronos Group OES industry consortium. In 2003, Khronos successfully launched OpenGL ES, now the industry standard platform on which today’s mobile games industry is based.

In 2005, as President/CEO of HI Corp America, Carl and his team partnered with Sprint and Qualcomm to launch one of the first mobile 3D gaming services, bringing visually rich multimedia handsets never before seen in North America.

Most recently, Carl lead new business initiative in online media for San Francisco based Dolby Labs.

Presently Carl heads North America business for Tobii Tech. Tobii is bringing bring revolutionary eye-tracking technologies and solutions to consumer mass market devices.

Carl holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. He holds numerous patents in the field of graphics, imaging, and e-commerce systems and is also a professionally published author.

Company: Tobii Tech http://www.tobii.com
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