As the original business idea architect (Augmented Reality proprietary platform), Fátima is a visionary, serial award winning and high-tech engineer entrepreneur and MBA.

Fátima has built a winner team and executed the strategy that would enable Arpa to develop the most comprehensive and leading propietary Augmented Reality platform in the market, achieve international peer and customer recognition, robustness, ability to deliver and top quality and innovative solutions.

Patent writer, performed research, development and project management activities in more than 30 national research and development projects in the field of augmented reality, computer visión, biometrics alghoritms, image & face recognition, cloud platforms, renderization of complex 3D models for augmented reality applications on mobile devices, content management, detection and tracking algorithms in real time, augmented reality hardware devices, augmented reality applied to aeronautic manufacturing processes.

She has managed the development of scalable & disruptive AR products: ARViewer (new product interface for connecting digital & physical world) ARPA SDK, ARPA GLASS SDK, ARPA Plugin Unity, ARPA Industry (broad expertise in augmented reality applied to the aeronautic market).

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