Gadi Amit is a San Francisco based designer behind some of the most innovative and lasting technology devices created over the last decade. The creative leader and founder of NewDealDesign, Gadi was awarded the 2013 National Design Award for his commitment to crafting delightful and workable solutions for real people. His projects include the Fitbit line of wearable devices, the Ara Modular phone, the Lytro Light Field Camera, Sproutling and Whistle.

Working from the inside out, Gadi blends the practical with the magical to disrupt markets for global brands and turn start-ups into success stories. Gadi was named one of the ‘1000 Most Creative People’ by Fast Company Magazine in 2014, a ‘Master of Design’ in 2010 and with his team has been received over 100 design awards. Gadi keeps regularly speaks at conferences and contributes to top media publications worldwide.

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