As top technology architect Ortega’s expertise is focused on expanding the potential of artificial intelligence in our lives. Focused on augmented reality, image recognition and wearable technology Ortega is both innovative and creative.

Ortega is a successful public speaker with annual commitments globally; he is also a published author with books available on Amazon. As a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) he has captivated Microsoft, CeBIT and other audiences at annual events. Ortega has spoken in front of business strategy groups and at business motivational seminars.

In his role as CEO, Ortega successfully sold the European and North American divisions

(Tegatech Europe 2012, Tegatech North America 2013) of the Tablet PC Distributorship he founded in 2001.

He is the Co-Founder of Snaploader, contributing as company Chief Technology Officer and Company Director. Snaploader is an image recognition platform that bridging the divide between print and digital media; designed as a platform for aggregating content developed with a strong Augmented Reality theme. Ortega managed the iOS and Android App development, the image recognition infrastructure, Augmented Reality platform and Big Data back-end.

Currently Ortega is the CEO and CTO of Only Augmented PTY LTD, a company specializing in Augmented Reality App Development across Australia and North America. Ranging from collaborative campaigns with media groups, brands and PR agencies, to bespoke Augmented Reality creations which include wearable Virtual Reality and 3D Depth Sensor devices like Oculus Rift, Google Glass, Kinect, Leap Motion, Structure Sensor.

Company: Only Augmented http://www.OnlyAugmented.com

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