PlayDisplay intends to present unique AR booth on Augmented World Expo 2014 in Santa Clara, May 27-29. All booth #113 space will be a marker by which will demonstrate advances in marker overlay on an example of a specific augmented reality museum project on Space AR platform.

SpaceAR platform enables the creation of realistic virtual worlds and objects. The advantage of the platform is that, unlike virtual reality systems, it takes for its basis the real world, adding virtual objects which obey the laws of physics and interact with the audience in a realistic way, reacting to their gestures, touch, words and even emotions.

Capabilities of the system allow to solve several global problems without requiring a large financial investment into cultural (museums, libraries, theaters) and educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) by replacing part of physical objects with the virtual ones.
The system is indispensable for exhibition activities around the whole world: it eliminates the need for transportation of exhibition equipment and layouts. With the help of it you
can implement interactive exhibition spaces with three-dimensional mobile exhibits.
On the basis of SpaceAR you can set up games, locations for which will be real environment of users. Or you can get access to gamification of workflows when game mechanisms and motivation increase work productivity.

Companies engaged into electronic commerce will be able to use the platform on a chargeable basis to promote sales through comprehensive demonstration of goods. In any

room you can set up a boutique of augmented reality where you will be able to hold in your hand hand luxury goods, or build into the interior large household appliances and furniture. Platform SpaceAR is an environment to launch of third-party developers’ apps, created with the help of SpaceAR SDK. Distribution with pre-moderation and responsibility of the parties will be performed through an app store.

The initial level of development implies functioning of SpaceAR on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Also, the software is optimized for wearable computers and glasses, such as Google Glass, Epson Moverio BT200 and Meta Pro. The main design principle – a cross-platform approach with the use of unique functions of each device.

As a prototype for demonstration of the platform, PlayDisplay presents
the exhibit of the Virtual Museum of Science and Technology in Kazakhstan. This is the first project realized on the basis of SpaceAR, allowing to demonstrate in a confined space of the museum several branches of industry in Kazakhstan.

PlayDisplay – is the the only Russian company involved in AWE 2014. It specializes in creating interactive projects in the fields of industry, education, advertising, entertainment and development. Since 2010, we have successfully completed 84 augmented reality projects and become partners with Vuzix, Samsung and Epson, thereby can create highly integrated hardware and software solutions.

About SpaceAR

SpaceAR is a division/product of PlayDispaly – one of the fastest growing Augmented
Reality App Development companies headquartered in Moscow, Russia with an editional satellite Development office in Saint Petersburg and representative office in Astana, Kazakhstan. Employing 25+ workforce across these three offices,
PlayDisplay has been instrumental in delivering 100% tailored, business- specific AR solutions to major companies and worldwide top brands in a variety of industries: Bridgestone, The Coca-Cola Company, Snickers, Renault, Federal Agency of Youth Affairs, the largest Russian airport сorporate ‘Airports of Regions’, and one of the largest and reliable gas supplier ‘Gazprom’, etc.
For more information you can visit booth #113 at AWE Mobile App

Email: jane@playdisplay.com e.soboleva@playdisplay.ru Call: 007-495-231-64-23

Website: http://www.playdisplay.com

http://augmentedworldexpo.com/ organizations/participating-companies/ exhibitor/playdisplay

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