From Augmented Reality applications that you wear to ones that you experience all around you, the one thing AR apps have in common is that they are ALL Perceptual Computing. Perceptual Computing is the next BIG idea in human-computer interaction.  As an attendee or follower of the Augmented World Expo, that’s something you already know. You saw it in action. And Intel knows it too.

Intel recently announced a $100-million dollar Intel Capital Experiences and Perceptual Computing  fund  to support software and application development in the Perceptual Computing space.  To jump-start the excitement and help developers get involved with the technology early, Intel kicked off part 2 of it’s Perceptual Computing Challenge in May. Intel is seeking out the developers who will usher in this new era of computing technology, and offering $800,000 in prizes for the best and brightest with this contest.

The are are only three weeks left to enter the idea-submission phase of the challenge (Submission closes on July 1)! Intel will then choose 750 of the most innovative ideas and send each person a Creative Interactive Gesture Camera. With that and the Perceptual Computing SDK, finalists will have seven weeks to turn their idea into a reality.

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