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Creator: Wikitude GmbH

Organization: Wikitude GmbH



Wikitude partnered with international online fashion retailer Zalando and concept car firm Rinspeed to produce a unique augmented reality component for their “fashion concept car”, unveiled at the 83rd annual Geneva Motor Show.

Visitors to Motor Show were treated to the future of mobile shopping through a Wikitude powered augmented reality display mounted inside Rinspeed’s concept car. Using image recognition technology available from the Wikitude SDK, the custom app scanned models that featured clothing available from Zalando and provided attendees with further information and purchasing options. The app then directed them to the nearest pick up location via location based services and geo-data.

Through Wikitude’s cooperation with Zalando and Rinspeed, we were able to execute an innovative augmented reality concept for Zalando that they see as the future of mobile shopping.

Our unique use of image recognition technologies and location based geo-data allowed Zalando to present a truly forward thinking concept to the viewing public, and they are now building this strategy into their future e-commerce solution.

When Zalando first approached Wikitude, they had a rough idea that they wanted to do something with augmented reality, but weren’t quite sure what. We provided our knowledge and expertise in advising them on a number of solutions, with the ultimate decision coming down to a fashion recognition app that would then in turn direct consumers to the nearest location where they could pick up their scanned and purchased fashion, directly from their car.

The Zalando fashion car received a number of accolades, both from the press and viewing public. On the opening day of the Geneva Motor Show, the longest wait period to sit in and test the Wikitude powered display was approximately 30 minutes, indicating strong curiosity and interest from the public.

Likewise, the concept received strong coverage and praise from the press, with numerous major media outlets and blogs covering the car. The Wikitude powered display was a focus of a Pro7 segment with Johanna Klum, and broadcast to the German speaking audience.

“As an innovative e-commerce company, mobile commerce is not just a think of the future for us. With our fashion concept car, we are going one step further, expressing our vision of mobile shopping development over the next 5 years. With Wikitude’s leading augmented reality technology, we are already able to execute and present this vision today.” – Chrisian Meermann, CMO, Zalando.

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