The 3rd installment in the AWE 2013 video series – focuses on additional technologies that shape the augmented world such as: Content Management for AR, Cloud & Image Recognition, Gesture technologies, interoperability and open AR, and finally a look into future AR technologies.

In our last post we highlighted the heart of any augmented reality project – the mobile AR SDK and provided a collection of tutorials. Here is everything else you need to know about technologies for the augmented world as presented by leading experts from around the globe.

Content Management for AR

Jean Francois Chianetta, CEO Augment

Alex Hill, Chief Scientist Merlin Mobility


Jacob Ervin, metaio

Graziano Terenzi, Inglobe


Cloud, Big Data, and Image Recognition for AR

Richard Ferraro and Tomasz Adamek, Catchoom


Digital Eyewear

Panel Moderated by Pete Wassell (Augmate) with leading Augmented Reality Eyewear manufacturers:  Ron Heidinger – Vuzix, Kayvan Mirza – CEO, Optinvent, Stephen Willey – CEO, Innovega, Judith Baumgarten – Fraunhofer, Meron Gribetz – CEO, Meta, John Murray – CEO, Seebright, Anna Jen – Epson, Steve Mann – University of Toronto

Gesture and Interaction Technologies

Victor Mateevitsi, UIC – SpiderSense

Yehuda Duenyas, Mindride – The Ascent

Eyal Ofek, Microsoft Research – IllumiRoom

Barry Solomon, Intel – Perceptual Computing


Form Factors for the Augmented World

Peter Meier, CTO, metaio

Natan Linder, MIT Media Lab

Mike Kuniavsky, Parc

Interoperability and Open AR

Panel Moderated by Christine Perey, with Martin Lechner (CTO, Wikitude), Neil Trevett (Khronos), Rob Manson (ARStandards.org)


Future AR Technologies

Oskar Linde, CEO 13th Lab

Matt Miesnieks, CEO, Dekko

Oriel Bergig, VP R&D, Ogmento

Brian Mullins, CEO, daqri

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That’s all for this installment.

What other technology topics would you like to see in AWE 2014?


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