Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR for Enterprise


Creator: Manuel Will

Organization: Buena La Vista Interactive GmbH & Co. KG



The collaboration between SAP and smart glass manufacturer Vuzix takes the smart glass to a way more realistic and in near future relevant context than Google Glass might. Because it’s a B2B operation, adoption of these glasses is way more probable and realistic than for the consumer market right now. We think that the solutions presented in the video and the app have great potential increasing business efficiency.

The attached file contains an .apk and a marker. Both are used at SAPPHIRE in Orlando on Vuzix’ M100 Smart Glass to show the possibility of working with AR-enabled glasses. You can install them on an Android Smartphone and scan the marker to get a feeling for it.

Where to find it:

At SAP’s SAPPHIRE Event in Orlando, Fl


Mobile, Glasses, Location Technologies

Additional Screenshots:


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