Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Hardware


Creator: Zile LIU

Organization: LASTER Technologies



The LASTER EyePhone is a new generation of wireless AR glasses equipped with transparent informative lens to display information overlay in the natural field of vision of the user without impeding or obstructing his view. The product is entirely wireless with battery integrated in the glasses frame.


Display definition available : 800 x 600 pixels
Eye Box : > 18 mm
Field of view (FOV) : 25° diag. (4 times better than the Google Glass)
Accommodation distance : Infinity
Image format : 4/3 or 16/9
Colour : 16,7 millions of colors
Transparency : Yes (optical see-through technology)
Brightness / Luminance : > 5200 cd/m2
Interface with SmartPhone : Bluetooth 3.0 (compatible with Bluetooth 4.0)
Data transmission : Wireless
Audio Transmission : Yes (Built-in Bluetooth kit)
Augmented Reality Capability : Yes
Head Tracker : 10 DOF (Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Compass, Pressure Sensor)
Autonomy : 6 – 8 hours
Weight : ~ 55 g (battery included)

Wireless connection & communication with smartphone
GPS localization and navigation (visual guidance, POI records, geolocalisation info, speed, alarms, synthetics data displays,…)
Shortcut Interface control
Built in battery
10 DOF Head Tracker
Built-in audio (Phone, Music)
Contact book navigation
Phone SMS / E-mail
Auto-adaptive brightness
Glasses Control interface compatible withe gloves

SDK available for Android based smartphones & tablets

Where to find it:

Come and experience our LASTER Eyephone from June 4-5, 2013 @ Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, AWE 2013, Booth 87


Mobile, Glasses, Internet of Things, Location Technologies

Additional Screenshots:


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