Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Video


Creator: Andrew Couch

Organization: Candy Lab



Our use of a creative concept conveying the message of location based augmented reality to the common consumer through video. http://vimeo.com/50419928

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Mobile, Location Technologies

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  1. Alice Schoessow
    June 13, 2013, 12:40 pm   /  Reply

    I saw some less than complimentary comments about the game on your app site that certainly are not helpful I want to put mine on there about what a wonderful interactive treasurehunting experience that I had and how this promotes excercise and takes you out of your own world for awhile and I believe promotes the possitive hormones through your body that give you a good feeling and I believe that they even help you. I had a blast I want everyone to know the possibilities as businesses and consumers that everyone should download this ap or become a contributor of the discounts advertising and prizes. It turned a fun event into a fantastic event for me. It was so much fun that I was trying to get all the cooins and came back in to talk to your staff about the big coins that I found around back of the hotel that I couldn’t get because there was a connectivity problem and what could I do when they told me to go up to the theater. I misses a couple of tutorial speakers to play but that was ok it was recorded and I wanted to play more. so down strange passageways in the convention center and hotel. I went where there was no one but my own fantasy experience into ballrooms looking into other peoples conferences. I went outside the hotel all over the place I was going to walk down the block the other direction after I got these two coins I tried so hard to get grrrr connectivity problem. I wanted to play for hours. Inside closer to the hotels internet was good. I don’t blame the app it was the hotel. we all know that. What a blast I want to sell your application to other businesses in different areas and get everyone hooked. I wish I worked with you guys what a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee too much fun!!
    Miss Alice Schoessow 831 272 1209 P.O. Box 824, Monterey, Ca. 93942

  2. Alice Schoessow
    June 13, 2013, 12:50 pm   /  Reply

    I would like to work in the Monterey San Jose and San Francisco areas getting people onboard. I would like to get Disneyland onboard also and all amusement parks. All coffee shops Supermarkets departent store chains coffee houses of course and smaller buinesses would love this to promote their businesses. I had an AA in business with a marketing concentration before going into technology for my next degree. I think that this application Cachetown is absolutely brilliant!!!!! ohhhh what if some of the targets could move like with a train at Disney land. There could be a park wide competition and the advertisement cards could be handed out at the gate. There could be special competition nights at parks with prizes which would make more people want to attend. Discounts on certain souvenirs before they left also and eateries at Disney and California Adventures. Just a thought my other passion besides technology is marketing.
    Alice Schoessow 831 272 1209 P.O. Box 824, Monterey, Ca. 93942

  3. Alice Schoessow
    June 13, 2013, 12:57 pm   /  Reply

    Businesses that could have signs made by Candy lab that say Play Cachetown here for discounts and prizes with instructions. It could instruct them to look around the area that they live in because most likely it will be a Cachetown community. A sign for the window and one for by the cash register that is smaller maybe a sticker on the register. But once people load up the app they will always have it and recognize the standard stickers with the face. Schools, colleges, faires, any event WOW!!!!
    Alice Schoessow

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