What do mechanics, field workers and vets all have in common? They have to follow a set of procedures which require their hands in order to do their job. Imagine looking through the lens of a pair of smart glasses to be instructed on how to fix a specific mechanical issue in a car, get hands-free step-by-step instructions on how to lay concrete along with setting a timer or scan a dog’s ID tag to be provided valuable information as a vet on medicine to administer and instructions on how to do this effectively – all of these examples are scenarios Augmate is making possible.

One burgeoning sector for smart glasses is enterprise. The workforce is ripe for disruption and the use of this hands-free technology to augment our capacity to perform on the job and keep us safe is vast. AWE sponsor and exhibiting company Augmate is leader in industrial smart eyewear applications, providing the necessary building blocks to create smart eyewear business applications to empower the deskless and handsfree worker.

Augmate is working with various industry verticals to create smart glasses apps using its cloud-based wearables development platform including agriculture, automotive, aviation, construction and manufacturing. They are partnered with various smart glass manufacturers including Recon Instruments, Epson, Vuzix and Optinvent.

As part of our speaker line-up, Augmate CEO Pete Wassel will be talking about how to choose industrial use cases for AR. As an example, Augmate’s video below shows how a Warehouse CMS app developed by Vuzix. The app aims to increase productivity and accuracy by using QR codes and a hands-free, audio guide or order picking.

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