Pete is the Chief Executive Officer at Augmate Corporation. He oversees custom government and private company solutions that utilize digital eyewear. Essentially, Augmate provides visual efficiency tools for government, businesses, and consumers by merging the digital and physical worlds using eye-wear, wearable computers, and mobile devices. Pete’s idea for Augmate was to put digital information, imagery, and applications where you need it and expect it – on top of physical world objects thus making a clickable world. By managing and framing information unobtrusively, in a person’s field of view, his company creates an immersive Internet experience that enhances the way we work and live.

Before, Augmate, Pete was a Program Director at IBM, he managed Digital Media Distribution products and Content Management Systems at IBM’s Los Angeles and Silicon Valley Labs. In other roles, he managed IBM’s PartnerWorld Program containing 115,000 Business Partners, ran Operations and Executive Relations for ibm.com and has been a Project Management Professional in IBM Global Services.
Pete graduated at the top of his class (presidential scholar) at Clarkson University’s engineering school, he also graduated from the JFK Special Warfare School (Special Forces) in the military, and has been a Elected Lawmaker (Legislator) & Policy Creator who has passed over one thousand laws in Dutchess County, New York.

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