At 13th Lab AB, our primary focus is to develop products in the field of Computer Vision for mobile devices. We are a small startup that believes the camera has the potential to be the most important device sensor, and we are hard at work building the tools to enable this. Advanced computer vision is complicated, and we want to make it freely available to all developers.

13th Lab got started a few years ago as an outlet for a few friends to work on fun side projects together. In early 2010 we started looking at computer vision for mobile devices. We realized that devices were getting close to powerful enough to be able to handle advanced computer vision tasks.

Since early 2011, we are working full time at 13th Lab in our office in Stockholm, Sweden. Our first product, the game Ball Invasion for iPad 2, is available in the App Store. Ball Invasion is the first implementation of our computer vision platform. It is the first and only SLAM implementation in the App Store.