PAR Works brings augmented reality — the ability to overlay cyber imagery upon real world data feeds such as photos and videos — to a new level, offering imagery overlay accuracy to the ground-breaking precision of millimeters, all performed nearly instantaneously on any mobile device. By focusing on precision, speed and robustness, PAR Works is fundamentally disrupting and expanding augmented reality applications across numerous user groups. PAR Works’ advanced image analysis process allows any user with a smartphone to retrieve editable, tag-able information through image detection and comparison. The technology quickly achieves accuracy at millimeter-level scale, allowing for any arbitrary building, landmark, vehicle, or object to be analyzed and tagged, and to be done so remarkably faster than other augmented reality offerings.

To date, augmented reality technologies have offered some level of precision and/or speed, but very rarely both. As consumers and businesses further embrace mobile technology to make faster, more informed decisions on the go, it is becoming increasingly important to deliver relevant information to the end user quickly. PAR Works, with its world class team of technology experts, is pioneering new, smarter ways to rapidly aggregate information around real world imagery. PAR Works technology meets and exceeds the needs of a broad array of user groups, including advertisers, consumers, social networkers, residential and commercial real estate agents and construction management, automotive and industrial companies. PAR Works takes augmented reality and informed decision making to a new level.


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