We are a small start-up company, which is hard working according to the words: “DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY”. We are geeks who love technology! Especially we find pleasure in inventing, building and implementing the Augmented Reality applications. We strongly believe that soon everything in our world will be Augmented and the surrounding reality will be full of a great implementation of Augmented Reality apps. Special place for our applications we find in marketing campaigns of our clients. We can augment quite everything to make clever and hilarious advertisement. Thanks to our apps we can display content: funny movies, songs, online shops on billboards, newspapers, magazines and even on the facade of the buildings. Furthermore we are planning to build Interactive Augmented Reality Platform (iOS and Andrioid) where users will be able to add their content also noncommercial. Companies will use the platform for advertising. We want to create unique space where smart marketing will meet creative people which will make our urban space more beautiful.