Co-Founder of Frozen Chili Studio. Kate is a multilingual (English, Italian, French, Russian and Polish) whiz kid and a born leader. She lived and worked in Poland, Italy, Germany and Greece. She has an MA of International Relation with specialization of International Project Management. Her varied work experience ranges from senior project manager in the Game Development industry through sole responsibility for organizing International fair and congresses and most importantly she has worked in the Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union as a Liaison Officer (there were 85 highly qualified applicants per one place). This experience made her feel at ease with VIPs as well as to master the official diplomatic protocol. She is fascinated by the IT industry and the multitalented people working in it. With a sheer strength of her personality she pulled a team of IT geeks to create her dream company – and stands proudly at its leader. She pulls the team through difficult, bootstrapping stage thanks to her character and enthusiasm. But most of all, she is driven by passion for truly innovative use of AR which combines learning to play and breaks new ground in marketing, keeping it fun!

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