Wlodek is like a Nomad: by day, he is a Partner with VC fund, and by night, he is an active Business Angel and entrepreneur – he is currently leading a great AR start-up called Frozen Chili Studio, whose flagship project creates a Tamagotchi-style AR mobile app, re-defining the famous classic and enabling the launch of an innovative AR platform.

Back in 1988 Wlodek never expected to be where he is today, when at 18 years old he escaped from communist Poland to England. Once there, with hard work and strong determination he graduated from the prestigious LSE, upon which he embarked on a successful investment banking career in London. After the City, he joined GE Capital, where as a member of the elite GLDP (Global Leadership Development Program), he worked on top assignments in the US and Europe. Upon leaving the corporate world, Wlodek became an entrepreneur: he co-founded a US-based high-tech start-up Bot Inc. (together with the retired Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Fleet), and led its R&D unit (80+ employees) in Krakow, Poland. After the company was acquired by Ernst & Young Technologies, he established a small investment banking boutique working with both: top-notch European VCs, as well as entrepreneurs seeking exit. Few years ago,  Wlodek co-founded a VC Fund (he called it Nomad of course!), where he is currently a Partner in charge of ICT investments. Although he went to the dark side (VC), he never ceased to be an entrepreneur at heart, and so he gets involved with start-ups as an active Business Angel.

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