Koki Tsubouchi is the CEO of ChatPerf Inc.

ChatPerf Inc. is a startup of scent technology, was founded in 2010 with a vision to build a scent 4D communication platform. Koki and his team invented the first scent smartphone gadget aimed at bringing to scent lifestyle more fun and easily.
He makes a device name “Scentee” that you attach to your smartphone and connect a small cartridge of scent. When you send a message to someone with Scentee, the device emits a small dose of perfume. For example, on Valentine’s Day, you message
‘I Love you’ and then a whiff of sweet perfume hits the person’s nose.
ChatPerf also has an open API that allows developers to set the emitting program by themselves. For example, a game developer can let players smell of gunpowder for effective reaction.
Once Koki launched the prototype product in Japan’s most famous social funding in January 2013, he got 200% funded in only 6 days and start for mass production. He is featured by TIME as am entrepreneurs a next frontier for smartphone gadgets.
Koki would like to show the latest audio jack model that is ready to release in July and demo how it works at AWE2013.

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