ARC is dedicated to creating magical, meaningful experiences for clients around the world.  Few development or even dedicated AR firms have a comprehensive understanding of what’s truly possible with this new medium that will define the next net.   At Augmented Reality Co, we have a clear vision of both the short term utility and long term impact of AR and when, how and why to push the limits. We have developed a comprehensive roadmap for AR, and are uniquely qualified to help guide any client or company through hype, challenges and related technologies and business models to best prepare them for what’s coming…the emergence of the next net, right before our eyes.
Our ability to develop engaging Augmented Reality applications that accomplish something more than just a temporary wow moment sets us apart. We focus on accomplishing business objectives first, -then- apply the proper tools and technology to achieve the desired result, then exhaustively track and tune results, driving ROI. Our ability to create both desktop and mobile solutions (for iPhone, iPad, Android) with the right tools and tech guarantees the best result in the shortest time and greatest impact to your business.


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