Google Glass is a revolutionary new platform that helps people connect, share, get info & learn things in ways never before possible.  Where most developers are limited to shuffling cards and resting on what’s been dealt from google’s deck thus far, we say HIT IT! and able to go all-In with full confidence in what’s coming next.  We’re experts at using glass to magnify whatever hand you’re holding, and building core services & platforms that deliver next gen apps & results today.
Gunslinging dev’s with aces up their sleeves should contact us for work cracking glass.  Partners & Angels inclined to ante up should call for practical advice on how to play this out and to learn the tells of the table.  Truth is, glass & related tech won’t be a pure play till Jan. 2015, and recent glass hacks have thrown a giant fork in the road, but there are ways to focus & capture attention, markets and serious revenue from vertical & viral hybrid plays (glass/mobile) that scale today.  Visit GlasswareFoundry.com to buy in.



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