We believe the phrase “20 minutes of cardio” has done serious damage to people’s relationship with fitness. People are simply not wired to value miles, minutes or calories. We are wired to value other things: autonomy, mastery, community and tangible achievement. Sports are great at giving us these, but sports are not always convenient for our day to day exercise. We wanted to build something that was. Something we could deploy to millions of people without any costly hardware. Something which fundamentally transforms exercise into a fun and fulfilling experience. The best answer so far is exercise and motion games running on widely available hardware, and so that is what we have been building.

It was in our pursuit of this vision that we developed the camera-based motion tracking which underpins BitGym. We believe due to technology like this we are only a matter of years away from a future where video games are the default assumption for what you do after you lace up your gym shoes.


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