BitGym! the interactive fitness app that turns cardio exercise into an engaging and personalized experience, is the winner for Best Startup in 2014 at this years’ highly attended Augmented World Expo conference. Each year, AWE assembles top innovators from the hottest startups to Fortune 500 to showcase and compete for the best solution to the world. BitGym edged out the competition by showing how its personalized and cutting-edge immersive program can truly enhance people’s health and happiness.

 The 2000+ attendees and judges at AWE witnessed the exclusive release of BitGym’s updated fitness platform that provides users an element of surprise and motivation with its augmented reality features, including the live one-to-one virtual fitness mentor and incentive-based rewards to their mobile app built for iOS and Android.

The next generation of BitGym, available to customers end of June this year, builds upon its revolutionary forward-motion video technology and patented tracking solution which immerse fitness users into over forty worldwide panoramic tours, all filmed in 4K Ultra-HD with high-fidelity sound. The new release will take fitness engagement to the next level, while you exercise through iconic riding routes and scenic destinations.

BitGym is used in front of any treadmill, bike, elliptical, or stepper. It only requires the use of the mobile device’s camera, without needing to connect using Bluetooth, WiFi, or the use of any additional hardware.

 About BitGym: BitGym is an interactive fitness company that uses mobile technology to transform indoor cardio workouts into the best part of each and every day. BitGym absorbs the user into an exciting and fun fitness journey that takes them around the world, increasing motivation and dedication to the fitness routine. Available on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX device. For more information, visit us at www.bitgym.com.

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