NGRAIN Augmented Reality offers real-time dynamic part updates, markerless tracking and other features essential for the enablement of the Internet-of-Things in the enterprise

Santa Clara, California (AWE 2014) – May 28, 2014 – NGRAIN® announced today that it will be demonstrating the latest innovations in markerless tracking, integration with enterprise data sources, and real-time 3D augmented reality (AR) for its NGRAIN Augmented Reality platform at AWE 2014.

NGRAIN Augmented Reality is designed for industrial clients looking to create robust AR applications that provide task support for field technicians, maintainers, inspectors and other workers interacting with complex equipment. The software’s ability to connect to live enterprise data streams and visualize the real-time performance of that equipment makes it the first AR application to harness the potential of the Industrial Internet with scalable, consistent workflows that are essential for enterprise adoption.

“NGRAIN already provides rapid development and single-click deployment capabilities for mission-critical AR applications,” said Carl Byers, Chief Strategy Officer for NGRAIN, “With this update, we continue to enhance the performance of people, machines and the interactions between them by delivering the features that provide true competitive advantage for our clients.”

NGRAIN will be showing the new features of NGRAIN Augmented Reality at booth 62 at AWE 2014, including:

  • Markerless tracking capability
  • Simulated real-time dynamic part updates for temperature, pressure, and other indicators, includingdynamically-changing parts coloring
  • AR overlay renderings in both solid and line drawing modes
  • Animated equipment procedures that can be viewed in active AR mode
  • iOS 7 native look-and-feel for its free end-user AR app available in the AppStore

Learn more about the NGRAIN AR platform and its use in designing field performance support systems during Barry Po’s presentation in the Augmented Industries track on Wednesday, May 28 at 3 pm.


NGRAIN is creating a world transformed with interactive 3D and augmented reality technologies. With NGRAIN products, companies enhance the performance of people, machines, and the interactions between them. NGRAIN’s integrated, versatile platform combines enterprise 3D assets and data to provide operational intelligence for mission critical equipment and accelerate decision-making across the organization. From the factory floor to the field, get information how you need it, when you need it – with NGRAIN interactive 3D and augmented reality.

For additional information, please contact:

Nadia Ballard
Product Marketing Manager +1 (407) 545-7344 nballard@us.ngrain.com 

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