VividWorks brings VividAR with Extended Tracking for Furniture Industry

VividWorks has extended its unique 3D design-to-purchase concept for the Furniture Industry with Vuforia’s latest Extended Tracking feature. We go beyond basic single product viewing to merge multiple products simultaneously to experiment with furniture combinations in an actual place. This truly grabs the customer’s attention and keeps it – making the Purchase Experience Extraordinary.

“Buying habits are evolving; customers want to evaluate options, visualize and trust a product prior to committing to a purchase. We offer a global, industry proven, Cloud based, online sales solution integrated with SocialMedia where 3D product configuration is combined seamlessly with Augmented Reality”, says Jorma Palo COO of VividWorks.

The value of 3D and AR in interior content sales is clearly recognized and VividWorks’ rapid global expansion includes now 100 international customers. Among others, European based giant Ekornes launched their Stressless Design Online solution, based on VividWorks technology. The solution is used globally as strategic sales tool for the whole collection and with full integration to back-office. Stressless Design Online App was extended recently with VividAR new features serving end customers on all sales regions.

”The new extended tracking feature works in large spaces so you can arrange and view furniture as you walk freely around your chosen location with an iPad camera in live mode”, continues Jorma Palo

Watch the video to see how it works.


About VividWorks

VividWorks offers an industrial grade, online 3D design-to-purchase platform that enables real time visual verification of any interior content – at any time, and enables customers to make a purchase within minutes. VividWorks specializes in bringing usability for sales solutions with intuitive UI, combining Augmented Reality seamlessly with 3D and real time back-office, e- commerce and ERP integration.

VividWorks has a global customer base with offices in Finland, Denmark, USA, Singapore and Japan.

To find out more: www.vividworks.com
Contact: COO, Jorma Palo (jorma.palo@vividworks.com) (cell +358 40 708 9177)

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