BERKELEY, Calif. — BitGym, the interactive fitness app that turns your cardio exercise into an engaging and personalized experience, announced a preview of live one-to-one virtual fitness mentor and incentive-based rewards to their mobile app built for iOS and Android.

The next generation of BitGym builds upon its revolutionary forward-motion video technology and patented tracking solution which immerse fitness users into over forty worldwide panoramic tours, all filmed in 4K Ultra-HD with high-fidelity sound. The new release will take fitness engagement to the next level, while you exercise through iconic riding routes and scenic destinations.

“We believe cardio-exercising should be fun, engaging and personalized. Everyone should enjoy it.” says BitGym CEO Jean-Michel Fournier,“With BitGym, we’ve created the first platform to lead the transformation of cardio fitness from being boring to exciting.”

The new incentive-based rewards provide fitness users an element of surprise and motivation. Each reward encourages you to dynamically change the pace of your cadence and remain captivated in your exercise. With the use of BitGym’s live one-to-one fitness mentor, you can further optimize and personalize your experience. BitGym connects you live to your own personal fitness instructor and allows your personal coach to monitor your performance real-time. Your personal coach will have the ability to give you instructions, customizing each session to enhance your physical activity.

BitGym is used in front of any treadmill, bike, elliptical, or stepper. It only requires the use of the mobile device’s camera, without needing to connect using Bluetooth, WiFi, or the use of any additional hardware.

“We’re always working to change the way people think about daily exercise as something to look forward to everyday. With the next release, our dynamic game elements will have users sprinting after a reward one moment or surprising them with a virtual partner interaction, next.” says Product Development Lead, Keerthik Omanakuttan.

The next generation BitGym platform will be released to customers by the end of June this year.

About BitGym: BitGym is an interactive fitness company that uses mobile technology to transform indoor cardio workouts into the best part of each and every day. BitGym absorbs the user into an exciting and fun fitness journey that takes them around the world, increasing motivation and dedication to the fitness routine. Available on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX device.

For more information, visit us at www.bitgym.com.

Contact: Jean-Michel Fournier Email: contact@bitgym.com Phone: +1 (408) 306-1569

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