Santa Clara, CA, May 26, 2014 – Candy Lab will present Candy B.A.R.™ at the Augmented World Expo 2014 taking place May 26th – 29th, 2014 in Santa Clara, CA. Candy B.A.R. is a unique marketing platform for brands and events looking to maximize user engagement through highly-engaging, location-specific offers and promotional campaigns. Candy B.A.R.’s breakthrough technology platform will be demonstrated to technology leaders, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and media at the widely-publicized Augmented World Expo event.

Combining the concepts of Google AdWords, Foursquare, and Super Mario Brothers, Candy B.A.R. delivers a highly engaging augmented reality experience to bring marketers’ promotions to life on mobile devices—driving real-time targeted local traffic to specific locations.

“Candy B.A.R. produces location-based augmented reality marketing applications to drive user conversions for advertising campaigns, events, and games.” says Andrew Couch, Founder and CEO of Candy Lab Inc.

Developed for events and national promotions alike, Candy Lab partners upload content to Candy B.A.R. and determine precise real-world locations where they would like their offers and content to appear. Candy B.A.R. then displays these offers on users’ mobile devices by superimposing realistic virtual objects, like branded gold coins, on devices’ camera view screens; allowing content and offers to appear as if they exist in the real world. Users are incentivized to collect these virtual items in a scavenger hunt akin to a real-life Super Mario Brothers experience.

Candy B.A.R. apps, GPS augmented reality engines, and the dashboards that manage them are fully functional and currently live in two U.S. cities: Saint Louis, MO & Corpus Christi, TX. The apps are called “STL250” and “Stop The Wrath.” Candy Lab is currently expanding and is in active discussions with a number of Fortune 500 corporations, government organizations, and global media firms.

To learn more about how Candy B.A.R. works: Click here to view PDF

About Candy Lab, Inc.:Candy Lab, Inc. is a mobile application development company based in St. Louis, MO. Founded in 2012, Candy Lab has developed the world’s first location-based augmented reality platform (Candy B.A.R.) that enables marketers and event organizers to target advertising campaigns to specific locations and engage users in real-time. Candy Lab is a 2013 Arch Grants recipient, selected as one of the top 3% of St. Louis startups.


For more information contact:

Andrew Couch | Candy Lab Inc. | 858-699-3535 | contact@candylab.com

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