Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR for Enterprise


Creator: TWNKLS

Organization: TWNKLS augmented reality



Otolift is a Dutch company that produces stair lifts which are sold worldwide through a dealer network. The stair lifts are used by elderly and disabled people. Otolifts’ vision is to have all their business processes run on an iPad so that their sales representatives can work as fast and efficient as possible.
In addition to the visualization and configuration tool that supports the sales representatives during their sales process, TWNKLS has developed a measurement tool. With the measurement tool, taking the measurement of existing stair lifts becomes a simple task and the 3D reconstruction of it is easily accomplished. Direct feedback about the quality of the measurement taken, and a reduced error margin (1 ‰), results in a reliable and usable measurement. The output of the measurement is a file that shows the reconstructed stairs in a 3D model, which can be used without further adjustment in the stair lift production process by the designers of Otolift.
Thanks to this application; less time is needed to take the measurements, whilst the quality of the measurement increases. It now being an automated process, measurements errors no longer occur which results in a higher efficiency.

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