Nomination for Auggie Award: Best Mobile AR App


Creator: TWNKLS augmented reality

Organization: TWNKLS augmented reality



We believe that this project is unique in terms of size (surface area) and content (completeness and level of detail applied). AR has been applied on a very large scale but at the same time it is a unique mix of media: an integrated audio tour and 3D experience.

Spijkenisse is a town nearby the city of Rotterdam. Our application is giving its inhabitants the old city centre back, by creating a link between the present and the past. At the central square, visitors can experience a precise reconstruction of 3D buildings that once stood there. And, while exploring these buildings, visitors can listen to stories of the people that once lived in them. The central square has become a virtual museum.
In this project, AR has been applied on a large scale. Every visitor of the central square in Spijkenisse can view the historical centre of the town through the AR telescope. The AR telescope is a fixed outdoor installation that contains a camera and a computer. Alternatively, the app can be downloaded (iOS / Android) and used when standing at a ‘point of interest’. Special made tiles with Natural Future Markers indicate these points.

The development of our Outdoor Museum application is based on the Unity 3D engine. For tracking, we are using Vuforia tracking engine supplemented with our in-house developed TileFusion technique. The tiles need to be scanned to determine the user’s location and direction, and the sensors in his smartphone enable the view to be correctly displayed. The application is available for iOS and Android on smartphones and tablets.

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