Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR Campaign


Creator: TWNKLS

Organization: TWNKLS augmented reality



OBI is the largest DIY Company in Germany. To inform her customers, OBI distributes 18 million prints of an advertisement flyer weekly. Once a month, the flyer contains extra information around a specific theme. TWNKLS has developed a mobile phone application for smartphones and tablets, called the OBI 3D Finder, which was released under the slogan: ‘play, collect, and win’.

The most important strategic objectives were to amaze customers, generate a certain number of registrations for the OBI-app and to strengthen other online channels. Additionally, OBI wanted to build a reputation of being ‘innovative’. With the OBI 3D augmented reality ‘3D gewinnspiel’ and a copy of the OBI brochure, users could play a
game and collect 3D items. Finding all the 3D experiences and collecting all the 3D items gave them access to a contest and the opportunity to win a prize.

TWNKLS has designed and developed an iOS and Android application which enabled OBI to measure the results of their flyer by producing statistics and reports.
Key numbers: Every installed application has been played 3 times. Of all people that downloaded the app, 58% has left their contact details. The average time played with the app was 5 minutes 17 seconds. From the app, many have followed the links to the mobile website of OBI and to their Facebook page. Conclusion: TWKLS has contributed to a successful and innovative campaign for OBI.

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