Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR SDK




Creator: Qualcomm / Vuforia

Organization: Qualcomm Incorporated / Vuforia



Qualcomm’s Vuforia is an augmented reality (AR) software platform for vision-enabling apps that empowers brands and developers to extend their vision and create breakthrough mobile experiences to keep consumers engaged. Vuforia is designed to provide the richest, most immersive user experiences across OS platforms and devices while remaining efficient, scalable and easy to use. Vuforia delivers best-in-class computer-vision, advanced detection, tight optical tracking, and cloud-based image recognition. It is supported by a global ecosystem of 55,000+ developers in 130 countries and has powered 4,000+ commercial apps for leading brands.

Using the Vuforia platform, apps can detect a wide variety of objects including images with sufficient detail, simple 3D objects, frame markers, user-defined images and text. Consistent platform performance is designed to empower these branded apps to deliver reliable, exciting and enjoyable experiences to end users, ensuring on-going audience interactivity that is always compelling and engaging.

Vuforia also supports cloud-based image recognition for up to one million images. By leveraging the power of the cloud, retailers and publishers, for example, can now create AR experiences where images (targets) and content can be updated and changed quickly and dynamically across multiple campaigns and situations.

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Mobile (Android and iOS)

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