Kids artwork is a source of pride for parents and kids alike. Coloring is a fun, creative way to spend time with your child, but just because the drawing has been colored doesn’t mean that it has to end there. Augmented reality app, colAR Mix by Puteko, continues the journey with drawings by bringing them to life with the help of a smartphone or tablet.

colAR Mix is a free app for iOS and Android devices. Users print out compatible drawings from the colAR website and then the coloring begins. Once completed, the user opens the app and scans the completed picture to bring the drawing to life. Each picture not only pops off the page to come to life but also offers different actions to interact with the characters such as making a doll dance or bird chirp. Users can also take a screenshot of their colored drawing in 3D which can be shared on social media.

colAR Mix took home Best App at last year’s Auggie Awards. The 2015 Auggie Awards nominations are now open. If you have an AR app you’d like to see win this year’s award, head on over to our submission form to get started.

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