Auggie-GoldThe energy surrounding Augmented World Expo™ (AWE) continues to grow with the event just 52 days away.

The mind-provoking headliners Robert Scoble (Tech Evangelist) and Hiroshi Ishii (MIT Media Lab) as well as over 130 industry innovators are confirmed as speakers in the super-intense schedule. Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Epson, Bosch, Boeing, GE, Nvidia, Plantronics are among the hundreds of leading companies confirmed to exhibit and speak in front of the expected 2000 attendees.


Augmented World Expo is also the perfect opportunity to celebrate the tremendous innovation in the industry. AWE has been celebrating excellence in the Augmented World since 2010. Checkout the 2013 Auggie Awards Winners.

Only one month remains to nominate your products for the Auggie Awards – so go ahead and submit today before April 30th!

Go to http://augmentedworldexpo.com/auggies/, read the competition rules and select a matching category (e.g. Best Software or Best Hardware), then indicate your sub category and submit your killer YouTube video.

IMPORTANT: When describing the product (max 2000 characters) make sure to include: Creator(s), Company name and website, and where to get the product. This is the only information available to voters in addition to the video – so make it count.

Note that in 2014 there are 5 major categories and 3 subcategories for nominations to a total of 8 Awards:

1) Best Enterprise Solution

2) Best Software – sub-category: Mobile or Wearable app

3) Best Software – sub-category: Game

4) Best Software – sub-category: Campaign, and City Visions

5) Best Tools for Developers Including SDK, or Creation Tool

6) Best Hardware – sub category: Eyewear

7) Best Hardware – sub category: Wearable, other (sensor, chip, robotics)

8) Best Film including design concept and documentary

Voting for the Auggie Awards will take place between May 1st – 23rd.

Winners will be announced during the Auggie Awards Ceremony on May 28th, 2014

Start your nomination in one of these categories:

Auggies: Best Tools for Developers
Auggies: Best Software
Auggies: Best Interactive Hardware
Auggies: Best Enterprise Solution
Auggies: Best Augmented World Film

Introducing City Visions

City Visions is an open challenge for augmented reality developers to think critically about the future of augmented urban landscapes and, in doing so, design working proof of concept applications. We invite you to work as futurists and use the provided composite mural image as the tracking target, and the canvas upon which you will build your augmented experience. The huge mural will be located in a high traffic and very visible area on the AWE premises. The challenge is particularly focused on augmented visions of the future city in the areas of architecture, transportation, and art. However, this is a crowd-sourced campaign designed to draw from the wisdom, creativity, and insight of the collective, so please feel free to push the envelope in terms of meaningful and interesting ways that the future digital city may emerge.

Your City Vision applications are eligible to be nominated for the Auggie Awards for Best Software and will be featured onsite and promoted to the 2000 attendees.

Looking forward to your AWEsome nominations. Make the world more interactive my friends!

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