With the sixth annual Auggie Awards kicked off this week, we thought it was a great time to take a look back at some of our previous winners while nominations are being submitted. This first one couldn’t help but make us smile, especially the whimsical video which sees people jumping on virtual couches and picking up virtual furniture as if with superhero strength.

Last year, augmented reality software leader, Metaio, took home Best Campaign for its work in bringing the 2014 Ikea catalogue to life. Using AR, Metaio gave Ikea catalogue readers the ability to place virtual furniture in their own homes to visualize the pieces before purchase. The campaign used the physical printed catalogue as an AR marker. Users would set the catalogue in their room where they wanted to see a piece of furniture and then viewed their room through a smartphone or tablet to see how it looked.

The campaign is a creative way to enhance the value of the popular print catalogue from the furniture maker by turning it into a practical tool to help readers better visualize products in their home. The team at Ikea had some fun with the app in this marketing spot (below) which sees a family having some fun with the ability to manifest virtual couches and chairs on command.

Metaio is a sponsor at this year’s AWE event and can also be found in the Exhibitor area so be sure to stop by and talk to them. Metaio’s CEO, Thomas Alt, will also be speaking on “Devices are About to Open Their Eyes, and It’s Going to Change Mobile Forever”.

Think you have what it takes to be one of the BEST in the 2015 Auggie Awards? Head on over to our submission form to get started.


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