Ryan has been dreaming about, designing, and developing wearable AR applications since before he knew there was such a thing as Augmented Reality. Once he discovered that he wasn’t alone in his crazy vision of a holographically-enhanced future, he packed up his laptop and home-made paper-board AR stereoscope, then made the trek to AWE 2013.

He was impressed by Metaio’s booth, where he got to try out LEGO Virtual Box (Ryan is a LEGO nut) and Metaio’s amazing 3D tracking, while company reps checked out his home-built AR concept. Apparently the impression was mutual; Ryan started as a Research Engineer at Metaio’s Dallas Research Lab in January 2014!

At Metaio, Ryan takes the lead in integrating amazing new tracking technologies cooked up by the Dallas R&D team into the Metaio SDK. He has a particular passion for interactive virtual holography; nothing excites Ryan like the fusion of stereoscopic 3D graphics with natural motion control for real-time-real-space AR!

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