Nomination for Auggie Award: Best AR SDK


Creator: Metaio

Organization: Metaio



The Metaio SDK is the best and most flexible AR dev platform out there, for the following reasons:


– the only SDK that offers the ability to recognize and track nearly any real world image, object or environment

– the only SDK that offers both continuous and client-based visual search,

– the only SDK with both 3-D point cloud tracking and SLAM on-the-go reality capture


– only AR SDK that enables native app development on iOS and Android, and Windows PC

– modular structure of SDK allows for writing a single experience once, and deploying it to multiple platforms (Android, iOS, PC)

– supports HTML5 & Javascript development

– Import your own Content Management System


– supports both client (offline) and cloud-based content. Store AR content on the app or pull it from the cloud- your choice

– the Metaio SDK comes with its own rendering engine, no need to buy a different one…

– …but if you do, it supports the Unity mobile plugin

– support major 3-D formats, including .fbx files (that means any content created with Autodesk software works out of the box with ours)


– extensive documentation

– live Helpdesk forum with +50k users

– regular webinars and video tutorials

The Metaio SDK powers current apps like the 2013 Ikea Catalogue, the Mitsubishi Enterprise MeVIEW AR app, the Audi A1 AR Manual and over 300 more apps available in the Appstore or Google Play.

And completely free to download, develop and publish as many apps as you want!

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Mobile, Magic Mirror, Projection, Glasses, Stationary Device, Gesture Device, Location Technologies

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