Jay Wright is responsible for developing and driving Qualcomm’s augmented reality commercialization strategy. In this role, Mr. Wright handles partnerships with leading innovators in industry and academia, and leads Qualcomm’s efforts in enabling augmented reality within the mobile ecosystem. Mr. Wright has been with Qualcomm since January 2008, and brings 17 years of experience in developing software and services for mobile and wireless devices. Beginning in 1993 with the launch of Apple’s Newton PDA, Mr. Wright envisioned that low-cost consumer devices would enable a new wave of enterprise automation for mobile workers. As Founder and CEO of Wright Strategies Inc., he led the development of tools and software infrastructure that enabled Windows solution providers to develop and deploy PDA applications capable of synchronizing data with enterprise data sources. The company’s FormLogic software platform was used to deploy tens of thousands of devices for industry leaders including Anheuser Busch, Apple, Disney, Hasbro, Maybelline, Microsoft, and Taco Bell. As an inventor and software engineer Mr. Wright holds three patents – two of which encompass data synchronization between mobile devices and have been regarded as landmark patents in the field of wireless email.

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