The Netherlands, Huizen, 19 May 2014 – Connectar 1.0 will be launched on May 28 at the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara. This will be the first major release for the open platform using cloud technology to add augmented reality as an extra channel in the multi-channel environment of online corporate communication.

“Enthousiatic reactions have been encouraging”

Menno Ouweneel, business developer at Connectar elaborates: “From the launch of beta version, people have been playing around with the Online creator for free and pushing their content to Junaio and Layar. The enthousiastic reactions have been encouraging to push on in launching 1.0. Now everybody can start using this simple way to start with AR today, even with Google Glass!”

What is Connectar?

Connectar is a platform that makes it easy to:

  1. First and foremost start creating AR content via the simple online creator or the Plug ins/Add ons;
  2. Connect existing content-sources to AR using Metaio/Junaio and Layar and later Craftar and Wikitude);
  3. To create AR content with the online creator of Connectar and push it to Metaio/Junaio and Layar and later to Craftar and Wikitude;
  4. To download plugin/add ons that will connect your WordPress and TYPO3 CMS to AR platform and later Drupal, Joomla, Modx;
  5. To create your own Plugin/Add on for your CMS or content source using Connectars Javascript API;
  6. To connect any Content source using our API.

Connectar’s focus

Connectar focusses on:

  1. Companies with a lot of content that want to use AR to their advantage or as a business solution to gain profit by reducing costs or generating more revenue;
  2. AR implementators who need simple solutions for their customers to let them create and manage their AR content themselves;
  3. CMS users who want to connect their CMS to AR to re-use their existing content to push it to AR platforms;
  4. Content owners who want to connect their source (Knowledge base, E-learning tool, Catalogue, etc.) to AR to re-use their existing content to push it to AR platforms.

About Connectar

Connectar adds Augmented Reality as extra channel in the multi-channel environment of

online corporate communication. Connectar is an open platform using cloud technology. Any content system can communicate with the Connectar cloud via API or JS API open standards. This allows you to create AR content from inside your own system or with content from your system. Connectar has free to use plug-and-play plugins/extensions

for the three most used open source CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla and TYPO3).

Connectar is Zig Websoftware’s initiative. Based in The Netherlands Zig Websoftware develops web and App-solutions for business-to-business-to-consumer markets varying from complex portals to mobile solutions and has over 10 years experience in creating and implementing innovative IT solutions.


As consultants to large Dutch companies Zig Websoftware has always partnered with customers to offer the best tools which enable them to offer the best (online) service possible to their customers.

More information

More information on Connectar can be found on www.connectar.com. For inquiries please do not hesitate to contact Menno Ouweneel, business development manager on info@connectar.com or by calling +31 35 7200 902.

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